Pablo E. Peña P.
I'm a Venezuelan artist, designer and musician, with extensive experience in various areas of  the technology-based creativity, including art direction, graphic and motion design, photography, video, and coding. My dedication to the arts and commitment to innovation have led me to collaborate with talented artists and explore new creative possibilities in different cities worldwide, such as Beijing, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, New York, Panama City, and San Francisco.

I approach every project with an unwavering commitment to excellence and a desire to bring a fresh perspective to every challenge. My experimentation with procedural animation, simulations, render engines, and interactive and new media art has allowed me to leverage technology to unlock new forms of creative expression. I believe that the intersection of technology, creativity, and human expression offers an abundance of untapped potential, and I am eager to continue exploring these intersections in my work.

In my latest generative projects I'm passionate about creating works that push the boundaries of traditional artistic and musical forms. I use a variety of techniques, such as algorithmic rules, patterns, and randomization, to create pieces that are unpredictable and continuously evolving. My interest in experimental and avant-garde art movements influences my work, and I strive to innovate and inspire through my creative output.

If you are seeking a talented and accomplished artist and designer to collaborate with on your next project, I am confident that my skills and experience make me a compelling candidate. I am available to work worldwide and am always looking for new opportunities to challenge myself and contribute my knowledge to exciting projects. Thank you for considering my work.

Below are the links to my portfolio, where my most relevant work are, and my blog, where I write about my creative process.

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