Pablo E. Peña P.
Pablo E. Peña P. is a Venezuelan artist and musician who lives and works between Caracas and Mexico City, with 25 years of experience in various areas of technology-oriented creativity such as graphic and animation design, creative programming, and visual and auditory creation through algorithms and mathematical simulations.
Pablo's relationship with technology dates back to his early childhood when he learned to program in BASIC. However, it wasn't until his university studies in Mathematics and Electronic Engineering that he began creating animations by programming in Macromedia Flash. Later, while studying Visual Arts and being part of the Zircons collective, he incorporated sound and real-time visual generation into his practice and experimentation.
After a period of study and experiences in the USA, he began his career cycle as an art director for advertising focused on interactive websites. During this time, he delved deeper into design and animation, incorporating video and photography.
Several countries later and with much more experience, Pablo decided to focus his career on procedural animation and simulations for special effects, which would lead him back to programming and a path of studies on real-time rendering, interaction, augmented reality, and generative art and music.
Currently, he works as a special effects artist, alternating his time between his own artistic practice and his audiovisual project P3P510. He is also part of the ensemble Tejidos and continues his research and experimentation with the mathematics behind noise and randomness for the generative creation of images and sounds, machine learning and diffusion models, modular synthesis, and the relationship between technology, creativity, and human expression.
Pablo is available to work and collaborate anywhere in the world, remotely or on-site. A significant part of his development as an artist has been the opportunity to travel and live in different cities such as Beijing, Buenos Aires, New York, Panama City, and San Francisco, learning from different cultures that have allowed him to continue growing creatively and personally.