Pablo E. Peña P.

I'm a venezuelan artist and designer, I have experience in a wide range of areas of visual creativity, such as art direction, graphic and motion design, photography, video and coding.

Currently I share my time between freelance work as an art director and 3D generalist, with experiments in procedural animation, simulations, render engines and interactive and new media art, trying to satisfy my curiosity and my constant desire to learn.

I’m available to work worldwide, I’m always in search of interesting projects and new challenges, where I can collaborate with other talented artists and be able to contribute with my knowledge, remotely or on site, an important part of my development as an artist has been having the opportunity to work, live and spend long periods in different cities, such as Beijing, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, New York, Panama City and San Francisco, and learn from different cultures that have allowed me to continue growing professionally and personally.

Below are the links to my portfolio, where my most relevant work are, and my blog, where I write about my creative process.

If you are interested in potentially working together, collaborate or just say hello, please feel free to send a message to my email: