On August 31, 2022, I had the privilege of holding an audiovisual presentation at the “Jaime Torres Bodet” Cultural Center of IPN in Mexico City. My friends from the F3 Studio collaborated with the Cultural Diffusion Department of the Mexican National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) to organize this exciting cycle of audiovisual events, and I was honored to be the first artist invited to perform.

For me, this was a special moment, as it marked my first three months in Mexico and my first live presentation in years. Although I experienced some stress due to technical difficulties with my computers, I was able to present my work on time.

My set consisted of a modular synthesis patch using VCV Rack, synchronized with real-time visuals created using Unreal Engine. It was a bit of a challenge to perform the entire set on a single computer, but I was pleased with the outcome.
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