Chrysina Unpredictable
is a collection created by the artists P3P510 and Remedios, where two languages, the material and the digital, come together around a common vision.

This project began to take shape at the end of 2021 when Pablo and Camila decided to start a collaboration for a mixed reality art exhibition that would take place in Miami within the framework of the Art Basel, but that soon evolved into something more interesting.

The idea was to create an art that mixed the emblematic works of the two artists, all the pictorial art and research that Remedios has been doing on the chrysina resplendens beetles, and the new algorithms that P3 continues to develop in the creation of 3D generative art, all gravitating on a common theme, the representation of nature and its connection with memory.

After a lot of work and discussions about the final model and animation, a very satisfactory result was reached, an algorithm ready to generate a whole collection of artworks, which were meticulously curated by the artists and their collaborators to be minted as NFTs on Foundation.

“Those who come out with the rain and flood the sky with good news. – Those who have the gift of the precise word to say goodbye. – Those who connect with the root of the infinite and reveal the sacredness of silence.”
— Remedios

Chrysina Unpredictable is a collection of 3D generative art, an algorithm that created 64 unique and unpredictable pieces, of which only 15 were meticulously selected by the artist with the invaluable help of the curator Maylin Pérez, to be minted as NFTs on Foundation, to be auctioned in cycles of 3, whenever the creators determine it convenient.

Only the curatorship of 15 pieces will be listed, after completing the 4 auction cycles the collection will be closed.

Each piece is a 15 second animation with original music designed for every piece individually by the panamanian musician David Caparó.

“The sunset is that sublime moment that stops us, especially here, in the tropics.
It dyes the sky a fiery pink. It has the power to erase memory, remove regrets, even for a second.

There is no way to capture the moment, it lives and burns ephemeral and eternal, it is perceived with the chest on fire to later evaporate with the humidity of the jungle.”
— Remedios

Venezuelan visual artist and designer with more than 20 years working with digital art and new media.

In recent years he has been dedicated to the research and exploration of generative art, using the tools and experiences accumulated as an art , motion and photography director in the advertising industry.

His practice focuses on using programming and real-life physics mathematical simulations to generate 3D geometries and animations, the basis for developing different applications, be it high-quality abstract images, interactive online designs, real time render installations, AR and VR experiences or audiovisual performances.

The work of Remedios is a continuous investigation about the connection between nature and memory through a dreamlike language with a particular affinity to intricacy and detail. The female figure is the protagonist, whether figurative or implied, seeking varying definitions of the female experience.

Organic forms present a balance between the figurative and ethereal, inspired by literature, botanical illustration, the Panamanian tropic, and the influence color has over the spirit. The predominant medium is ink on paper, yet her multidisciplinary approach allows recurring themes to exist on canvas, murals, and textiles. Her representations have origin in the spiritual and intangible, rather than a physical body, creating a balance between real and sublime where violence and conflict cannot reside.

“The sky continues to change.
And the feeling.
And the soul.
The rain has arrived.”
— Remedios

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