Exactly one year ago working on a project for the art for a music album cover, I came up with this algorithm in Houdini that generates curved shapes from small simulations around the normal axes of abstract geometries.
I was working on a way to feed different types of data into a generator of abstract geometries that would serve as a library for future projects. It was nothing more than an exercise in Houdini programming, seeing how much I could stretch my knowledge.
Until I saw a tutorial by Simon Fiedler on the Entagma channel, which made me think of using these geometries I generate, or just the normals of their vertices, to one more time generate forces that would serve as the basis for totally different and more organic looking new geometries.
And with a bit of procedural work on VDBs, curvatures and rendering on Arnold I achieved these first results that opened the door for everything that has happened since then in my practice as a digital artist.
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