A few weeks ago I was doing a job where I had to build a system to simulate a group of balloons, it was a very fun project to do, but in the final piece the full potential of the simulation is not well appreciated, so I decided to make a small animation to try it best.

The base objects are created by procedure, a system that makes these strange curved geometries that are perfect for my experiment.The simulation begins with a emitter that randomly selects each geometry, passes through a Vellum Constrain that converts them into soft bodies and assigns them a pressure attribute, then falls into a container where through a volume the pressure values are transferred when they hit the ground and begin to inflate.

It is a system not so complicated but ingenious, then with some tricks I add Hair to a couple of geometries and assign colors to the materials, all randomly.It was very entertaining to play with all this, and I liked the final result very much, I hope to regularly do more short experiments of this kind.

The render as always was done with Arnold.

And the file is available in my newly created Github, for those who want to check it out, and I hope my modest knowledge of Houdini can help.

• GitHub: https://github.com/p3p510/Houdini_P3P510
• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p3p510/
• Blog: http://p3p510.net/
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