When I was doing final rendering tests of my lasted motion project, I took each image and posted in my social networks, especially in Ello, which ultimately l’m paying more attention, and as the days go by I had a collection that I liked how it looked, although was not final artwork, so I decided that when I finished the animation I would use the same files to make some new renders and publish them as posters.

Now with animation already online I started rendering in high resolution, large enough to print, Just at the same time and by chance the same Ello recommended me Curioos, a new online store where I can sell the new arts.

I liked the quality Curioos offers in print, and their system is very friendly, and it seen geared to help the artist, so I’m already have my profile in the store with the first collection based on my case study in motion design, this time exploring the composition in another format, I hope you like it and were interested in having some of the pieces at home.

P3P510 – A Case Study in Motion Design
Curioos Online Store
My Ello Profile

I invite you to read more about my recent Case Study in Motion Design on my Blog: http://bit.ly/p3p510-posters

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