I had been waiting to have an opportunity to explore more Vellum, I had barely used it in previous projects and had not been able to discover its full potential.

Vellum is Houdini's new multi-solver, which uses position based dynamics (PBD), an extension of the previous Grain Solver, which produces rapid solutions in the creation of cloth, hair, soft bodies and of course grains, GPU-accelerated and very easy to set up and iterate.

At first they were only small experiments with the most basic adjustments, using gravity as the only applied force, and having more than 20 examples made, I decided to turn them into a new animation project, and taking advantage of the opportunity to do something different, get out of my graphic style, use a more varied palette of colors, and play a little with the selection of music and edition of the piece.

The product is this little reel of a new skill set that I add to my work arsenal, already thinking about new opportunities and jobs where I can make more complex simulations and more interesting art.

I chose the color palette using Mike Andreuzza's very useful COLORS & FONTS site, and the music from Gettz G, licensed by Epidemic Sound.
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