I recently had the opportunity to work on an incredibly exciting project with musician and producer Patricia Wolf. She asked me to create a video for one of the songs on her new album See-Through, which was one of the most interesting projects I've been involved in. I'm grateful for the trust she placed in me and it was an honor to work with someone whose music I admire so much.

Throughout my career as a digital artist, I've always looked for better ways to express myself and create new things. About six years ago, I started using new tools for 3D animation, and a whole world of possibilities opened up to me. With time and a lot of study and practice, I started to use my own algorithms to create unique, self-generated, and increasingly complex pieces. This approach felt very liberating and was a significant step in my development as an artist.

For the video project with Patricia, I wanted to create something that felt calmer and let her music breathe. I started with lines and dots, like the album cover, and from there, I created an algorithm that follows patterns of curves that react with sound, ending in a structure similar to a neural network floating in space. I divided the song into nine different stages, and each sound fragment would generate a new and unique structure where each circle would move. The colors were selected from some patterns I made while testing an AI system. In the end, I was very happy with the result, and I think it captured the feeling of the song very well.

I've admired Patricia's work for a few years, and we began to chat more and more over time. When she approached me about collaborating on a video, it was a perfect opportunity to visually interpret her music. The most challenging aspect was simplifying my processes enough to have a more efficient workflow. There was a lot of experimentation and learning, and the process was quite immersive. The final video was just a snapshot of one moment, and I'm thinking of continuing our collaboration in the future, expanding this project in some joint live performance.

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