Here's another experiment I did with Houdini again using particles, or not, not exactly particles, more like points, because I didn't use any DOP Network, so technically it's not particles, I just used SOP Solvers and a lot of VEX, of course.

The first thing I did was make a plane and apply noises to it to alter the position of its internal points, creating an irregular geometry, and each point becomes an axis on which an attribute will rotate and that guides the movement of the points within the SOP Solver, and each movement is registered with a trail that it leaves behind.

Another simple straightforward experiment with very nice results, and the basis for creating more complex work at a later stage.

Each part of the process is designed so that only a different seed will generate unexpected results, and four of those results were minted as NFTs at Hicetnunc, selling 30 editions of each, all sold out.

The sound was also auto generated with a patch on the VCV Rack.

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